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"How you are perceived correlates to how you are received."

Taking control of your brand is not only empowering, it is essential. Today, the Internet is more like a global hyper-connected soap box, inviting both positive and unfavorable opinions. If you are not actively protecting your brand, someone else may be telling your story on your behalf. Your Branding Specialist along with our seasoned Editorial Team will work with you to create and distribute your narrative. Members of Worldwide Registry, are serious about building their personal brand and managing their reputation. As a member of Worldwide Registry, you will have access to some the following benefits:

  • Professionally written Biography chronicling your career, work history, educational background, certifications, affiliations, awards, and your participation in civic and social organizations.
  • Biography Webpage Automation and Distribution The online biographies of our members are automatically distributed to major search engines upon creation. Your webpage biography will update as you update your profile in our registry, so your information will stay current online.
  • Press Release written on your behalf announcing your association with Worldwide Registry and will include any achievements or professional milestones. This distribution ready press release can be sent to media outlets by the member and we will distribute the press release through our internal distribution portal to the major search engines.
  • Press Release Distribution with Search Engine Optimization, we also have a relationship with one of the top press release distribution companies in the world. They will distribute your press releases to over 3,600 online media outlets. Press releases are some of the highest ranked properties on the web today.
  • Secure Domain Name Purchasing and Hosting Services Owning your domain name is a critical component of online reputation management. We will purchase a member's requested domain and provide 24/7 hosting.
  • Website Development and Maintenance with Search Engine Optimization Once you have secured your domain name, now it is time to add content and claim your space on the web. We will take your biography and create a 3-5 paged website for you including images your certificate of achievement and set up a contact form. Our team will manage your website for you and make changes upon your request.
  • Newsletter Writing, Design and Distribution There is no better way to stay in contact with your network than to distribute a beautiful color newsletter, complete with updated information about your products, noteworthy news, accolades, special offers, positive reviews and upcoming events. We will also help you promote your brand and services to your clients, business contacts and other members through an personalized email campaign
  • Personalized Video Biography and Recognition Video Our videos are powerful branding tools and set you apart from your competitors. Choose from our array of video formats: Live Actress, Professional Voiceover, Text to Music or Recognition Video. We bringing your accomplishments to vibrant life with our custom-made, personalized Recognition Video. Each video is posted to online media channels and will appear on your website, and can even be embed in your presentations
  • Radio Interview and Biographical Audio Narration Service Bring your story to life in your own words. Our professional interviewers will help guide your narrative, but you will impart your personal knowledge and expertise for the world to hear. We also have a team of narrators, that can document your achievements on your behalf. The audio version of your biography will be available on, the largest international online radio network, and can be linked to your website, social media properties and a copy will be sent to you via CD to share with friends, family, colleagues and clients.
  • AdWord and Digital Media Campaign Management Stay ahead of your competition. We will drive traffic to all of the properties we have created for your and any others that you may already own. You set the budget and let us manage your online campaign to increase your online visibility. We will select pertinent keywords to aggregate as many new contacts as possible. Then, you can monitor your success rate through your campaign report.

These are just a handful of the branding products that we offer, if you would like more information about our branding products and services, please contact us at